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Meet Dr. Gray

Dr. Christina Baran Gray, DC

Dr. Christina Gray has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years.  Years of  experience in the field has brought her an increased awareness of  different body types and the  solutions for those particular areas of sickness  while focusing on the problem, not just the  symptoms. “I help the patient  find a lifestyle that will help them grow healthier as they age.”    “My passion is to stop sickness and disease by first aligning the spine and  nervous system,  creating homeostasis and equilibrium in the body  therefore achieving optimal function which  equals optimal health. This is  done by detecting the subluxation and then removing the  subluxation  through a hands on, gentle spinal adjustment.”   Upon completion, Dr. Gray works  with patients one-on-one to find out why  their body is breaking down. After detecting spinal  interference, there can  also be nutrition problems, poor posture, improper sleeping habits,   emotional or mental stress, or physical stress from work or home.  Also,  subluxation  commonly occurs at birth. This is why Dr. Gray sees so many  infants, babies, and children in  the office.    Dr. Gray utilizes today’s technological advances and maintains a state of the  art sEMG  (Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography) instrument  through the Chiropractic  Leadership Alliance for actual spinal scans. The  Insight sEMG technology is similar to the  technology used in EKG/heart  rate measurement. One primary difference is that the Insight  sensors are  1,000 times more sensitive in detection, since the paraspinal muscles  generate less  electrical activity [action potential] than the heart muscle.  The sensitivity and accuracy of the  Insight technology is unsurpassed! Also  used by NASA, this is one of the most exciting technologies in  contemporary  chiropractic practice and makes it a powerful tool for  tracking outcome  assessment results after you have been adjusted.    Christina is married to her husband Jodie of 38 years and has 3 grown  children and 4 grand children. 
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